Chiropractic Testimonials

***Results my vary from patient to patient.***

"I think Dr. B is amazing I went to him with terrible back pain & much more & my treatment has helped me greatly. Dr. B makes you feel comfortable."

- Cheryl Budhell

"Just wanted to say if your in pain please go.. Dr. B is great. I have had pain for 35 years now and I have very little pain in my whole back and neck and I feel 100% better. I can walk with no pain and this is wonderful. Dr. B has done wonders for me and I'm so happy cause now I can keep up with my 3 yr. old granddaughter. So I want to say thank you so much to Dr. B for giving my life back."

- Janet

"I was having real bad headaches, left shoulder pains and left arm pains at the time when I entered the clinic. Since Dr. B started the therapy have not had the pains, thank you Dr. B."

- John Boender

"I remember the first time that I 'threw my back out”, I struggled to deal with the pain and it took about two months for the pain to subside. When it happened again someone suggested I go see Dr. B, so I did. What a difference ! Within a week of having treatments and following Dr. B’s home exercises, I was feeling almost 100%. Dr. B really has a special talent, no matter how tight or sore my back has been he never has a problem adjusting me. Thanks Dr. B."

- Antonette

"Before being treated by Dr. B I was experiencing headaches and neck pain almost every day. After just a few treatments I noticed the stiffness that was in my neck that had been there for years was beginning to dissipate. By the end of my treatment, the headaches that I was experiencing on a daily basis were gone and my neck pain had vanished. Dr. B was so enjoyable to work with, he always had a smile on his face and was genuinely concerned about my well being. Thank you Dr. B !"

- Dianna

"Before being treated by Dr. B I had severe muscle and neck pain. It was very difficult to sleep at night. After treatments with Dr. B my pain is much better and my mobility has returned. Dr. B is an excellent chiropractor and he always gets me back to health and feeling better."

- Dave

"I was treated by Dr. B for plantar fasciitis and a sore hip. Dr. B was able to alleviate my pain on both accounts so that I could resume my regular activity and exercises. When I am being treated by Dr. B I feel that he really listens to my problems and his treatments always improve my condition. His pleasant demeanor gives me confidence and reassurance that I can rely on, and trust his expertise."

- Ang

"Dr. B’s ability to treat my chronic pain has been excellent. He was able to alleviate my back pain and he also suggested specific exercises that were very helpful. He definitely has the compassion and is a great chiropractor. I would recommend him highly to anyone who is looking for a qualified chiropractor."

- Susan

"Dr. B is an excellent chiropractor, he takes time to listen to my problems and is very friendly and professional in his treatments."

- Brad

"Before being treated by Dr. B I was waking up every morning with chronic neck and lower back pain. I started treatments with Dr. B and began to notice a decrease in my pain. As treatment continued I got better and better and I am now happy to say that my pain is gone. I still see Dr. B to ensure that I continue to wake up pain free. Dr. B is very knowledgeable, he got to the root of the cause and fixed my problem. Thanks Dr. B."

- Sharron


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