2017 Review Of KIDTASTIC In Brantford

Kidtastic is Brantford’s first indoor playground and party centre. This place is designed for kids to play and party in a fun safe environment. It is a place where kids can be kids and they can burn off all kinds of energy in a very exciting environment. The goal of kidtastic is for kids to stay fit and have fun !! What kid wouldn’t love this place. Parents are encouraged to have relax while there children are having a blast with their friends in a fully themed jungle world. There are plenty of comfortable chairs for parents to relax and view the excitement.

We have had several birthday parties here and let me tell you the kids had a great time. As soon as they arrive you can hear the excitement in the kids voices. Mom and dads be prepared to hear a lot of screaming, the kids get so excited when climbing through this jungle environment with their friends.

A few pieces of advice though, if it is summer encourage the kids to wear long pants as we encountered too many skin burns as the kids go speeding down the slides. Speaking of the slides boy were they a lot of fun we got so many great pictures as the kids came barrelling down. Also make sure to tell the kids to quickly move out of the way once they get to the bottom as the next child is usually not too far behind.

Tag and hide and go seek games seem to be very popular as the kids can hide in so many different tunnels and climbing tubes. We found that there is climbing equipment and slides for all ages, so the younger or more timid children always have something that is appropriate for them.

We always brought in our own food and it worked out great. We would let the kids play for the first hour or so and during this time we would have some pretzels and munchies out for them to come in and grab to snack on. Then an hour later we would call the kids to the table which was plenty big to accommodate a birthday party and then we would serve pizza and a veggie platter. The kids would inhale the pizza very quickly and be back playing on the equipment before you know it. About a half hour later we would call the kids back to the table to sing happy birthday and have cake. Remember to bring matches to light the candles. We would usually order a cake that was half vanilla and half chocolate as kids can be pretty picky at this age. Not long after cake time the kids are back playing tag and bombing down the slides and shortly after parents start to show up to pick up their children. Time to hand out the lute bags and say goodbye.

All in all we really like doing the kids birthday parties at Kidtastic in Brantford, the kids always have a great time and it is so nice to pack up and head home to a clean house and not have to pick up clean our house after the party. Other great places to visit in Brantford.