Improve Your Golf Game with Chiropractic Care in Brantford

Improve Your Golf Game with Chiropractic Care in Brantford

Treatment from a chiropractor in Brantford won’t stop that dreaded slice or pull hook that most golfers tend to fight but the benefits of chiropractic can improve your game and even lower your scores.  If you are a golfer you know that golf can be hard on your lower back and the repetitive twisting and swinging motion can put your back at risk.

Chiropractic can help your game in many ways.   Since chiropractors are specifically trained to treat your entire neuromuscular skeletal system they are able to help the amount of stress that golfers place on their bodies.  The torque of a standard golf swing can  put your lower back under stress and affect your game but other parts of your body are influential as well.  Pain or decreased range of motion in your shoulders, elbows, knees and wrists can also affect your swing and lead inflated scores that none of us like to see.

Chiropractic care at Total Chiropractic can put your body back into alignment making it easier to a make a free and relaxed swing.  Less and pain and increased range  of motion will make it easier to relax and focus on your game.

In addition to chiropractic helping your golf game there are some steps that you can take to improve your level of play.

  1. Arrive a bit early before you play and do some light stretching and take some light swings.  This will loosen you up and get you ready for that first tee.
  2. Make sure to stay hydrated it can get hot out there and letting yourself get dehydrated will increase the chance of straining a muscle or back injury. Drink plenty of water and use a pull cart instead of carrying your bag, this will lighten your load nad give you more energy for your game.
  3. Wear soft spikes or even spikeless golf shoes. Metal or big spikes can get stuck in the ground and can strain your back or injure your knees.

So, follow these tips to reduce pain and help your golf game.  Our team at Total Chiropractic in Brantford is here to help in any way we can if you have any questions please feel free to contact us.


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