Chiropractor Brantford ON Provides Steps to Lower Your Breast Cancer Risk

Chiropractor Brantford ON Provides Steps to Lower Your Breast Cancer Risk



Jane Brody recently wrote an article for the New York Times that gave some tips to help fight off breast cancer. She mentions that the fear of breast cancer is increasing and most women don’t realize that by adopting healthy living habits can help decrease your risk. Women definitely have reason to worry about breast cancer. The disease is so common that one in eight women in the United States will develop breast cancer in the course of a lifetime. Obviously breast cancer is not to be taken lightly and regular screening is the most effective way to reduce breast cancer deaths. But not nearly enough is said about what women can do on their own to reduce the risk of getting breast cancer in the first place. Our outstanding Chiropractor Mark Bonitatibus wants to provide you these simple tips.

One of the most important actions is not smoking. A recent study found that those who smoked 10 or more cigarettes a day for 20 years or more had a 33% higher risk for developing breast cancer and girls who began smoking before age 15 were 50% more likely to get breast cancer.

As body mass index rises so does a woman’s chance of breast cancer, especially if she carries much of her excess weight around her waist. This is because abdominal fat is particularly active in producing growth factors and hormones that can stimulate the growth of breast cancer cells. Dr. Walter Willett, professor of epidemiology and nutrition at Harvard states that, the single most important thing that a woman can do to reduce the risk of breast cancer is to avoid weight gain in adult life. The diet most promoted for heart disease also applies for breast cancer. Diets that are high in fiber rich vegetables, fruits and grains and low in red meats and saturated fats are best at minimizing breast cancer.

A third factor that is clearly related to breast cancer is alcohol. Women who drink 2-5 drinks a day are 40% more likely to get breast cancer than non-drinkers. Just one drink a day can raise a woman’s cancer risk by about 7%. However, a drink now and then is not likely to be a problem.

Now it is time to discuss one we all know we should do a little more of: physical exercise. Not only can regular exercise help to prevent breast cancer and promote recovery from the disease but it also protects against many other chronic ills and can help to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight. Many studies have observed that women that have an active lifestyle have a lower risk of developing breast cancer and lower mortality if they get it. You don’t have to become a workout maniac, even as little as 30 minutes of active exercise a day has been proven to be helpful in preventing breast cancer.


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