Our Review Of Brantwood Farms - Brantford, ON

If you want fresh local fruits and vegetables in Brantford,  this is the place to go.  The Pate family has lived and farmed in Brant county since 1891.  Various aspects of the farm has changed over the decades but the dedication and passion of the Pate family to grow great produce has not.  If you have ever visited Brantwood Farms you know that the farm is more that a place to get fresh local fruits and vegetables, it is a full farm experience.  They have a fabulous bakery on sit with baked goods Jellies and pickles, they allow you to pick your own seasonal strawberries, apples and pumpkins and they are also know for their fall festival weekends.   In addition they also offer birthday parties where kids can get a great farming experience.

My favourite is pumpkin season, every year my family head out to the farm early on a Sunday morning to pick the perfect pumpkin for Halloween.  There is so much fun to be had at the farm during pumpkin season.  When we arrive we usually take some amazing pictures of the children in front of some of their gorgeous fall displays.  The displays often include haystacks and pumpkin towers all lined with beautiful fall colours.  Some years they even have a local farmer bring in pony’s so they kids can go for a short pony ride.  The pony rides are only $2.00 and the kids love it.  My children usually remember the pony’s names and wonder if the same pony will be back next year.   Next we usually take a stroll through the bake shop and what a wonderful smell to wake up your senses on an early Sunday morning.  The fresh apple pies usually get my attention rather quickly and my kids start searching for which decorated cookie they are going to choose as their treat for the car ride home.  The witch and pumpkin cookies are the usual favorites.

Next we head outside again to get in line for the hayride.  Nothing says fall like a good hayride through a beautiful farm.  The kids all climb up on the wagon and grab a  seat on a haystack, usually the fall breeze wakes us all up as we begin riding through the farm.  First stop, the ever so exciting corm maze, this is a fall classic and my children usually race to see who can finish the maze first.  Then back on the wagon to the pumpkin picking area.  My kids usually spend about twenty minutes looking through all the pumpkins to find the one they like the most.  Sometimes they pick some unique pumpkin shapes and colors but they always look great on our front porch on Halloween night.  On the ride back we usually take a few pictures of our kids excited faces while they try to balance their pumpkins on their laps.

Pumpkin picking is done and now it is time to get a cup of warm apple cider and pick a treat from the bake shop.  As I mentioned earlier the kids all pick a wonderfully decorated sugar cookie and I never leave without a homemade apple pie.  As we sit outside on the benches and enjoy our treats it is usually pretty quiet as most focus is on eating the delicious treats.

My family and I really enjoy or trips to Brantwood Farms and fall wouldn’t be the same without such a great pumpkin picking experience. Visit us in Brantford Ontario.