My Day At The Brantford Twin Valley Zoo

There is no better way to learn about the wonderful world of animals in this world than to experience them up close and in person.  The goal at the Brantford Twin Valley Zoo is to create an enjoyable environment where children and animals can learn about the animals of the world.  Through this they aid in educating people about the importance of wildlife and the environment.

During observation of the wide assortment of animal at the zoo children can learn about the various adaptations of the animals such as the stripes of the zebra or their dietary needs and even why they have feathers.  They have educational shows that are excellent, during these presentations children can learn about the animals in a small group environment.  Sometimes the children can even pet and interact with some of the smaller animals.  The very friendly and knowledgeable staff will explain how certain animals change as they grow, what type of habitat they dwell in and why they are important to that habitat.  Children don’t realize it but after a day at the zoo they have conquered a great day of learning in a super fun way !!

The Brantford Twin Valley Zoo is built on 25 acres in Brant County and has become famously known as a great place to observe a collection of native and exotic animals in natural surroundings.  Since the zoo began operating in 1991 the goal of Twin Valley has been to provide a place for families to enjoy the great outdoors in a quiet clean place.  Speaking as a patron who has visited this zoo many times they are meeting this goal.  This zoo is definitely quiet and clean and the animals are all well fed and taken care of.

As a parent of young children I feel this is a great zoo for us.  You can causally stroll through and see all the animals in about two hours which is perfect for young children, any longer and they start losing attention and getting tired.  The tiger has always been a favorite of ours, on our first visit we were pushing my 9 month old daughter in her stroller along his cage and you could see the tiger took a liking to her and he began staring at her and following us as we walked along his cage – this was a great interactive experience for both mom and Dad and my daughter.

The monkeys were amazing as well.  Lemurs with vibrant black and white colors would always get out attention, we could spend hours watching them play.  Just beside the beloved Lemurs is the turtle pond, our kids love watching these calm creatures enjoy their surroundings.  I could not stop writing this article without mentioning the experience of feeding the goats.  There are probably 25 miniature goats in a beautifully inviting cage where they roam free and yes you get to go in and hand feed them seed.  We still have video of the goats calmly swarming my daughter as she holds out her hand to feed them a tasty treat.

All in all, if you want to enjoy a great interactive learning experience with your young children, the Brantford Twin Valley Zoo is a great way to go.  I cannot say enough good things and we have always had a great time. To find other great places to visit in Brantford click here.