Zehrs in Brantford - Best Grocery Store In Ontario

The Zehrs in King George Road in Brantford is a great grocery shopping centre.  I have nothing but good things to say.  The staff is always helpful and friendly and they have a great selection of goods, I am always find what I am looking for.

When I do my weekly grocery shopping here I usually start in the produce section.  The produce section of a grocery store is usually a good indicator, if they have good produce it is usually a good store.  The produce is always fresh and well organized.  I usually buy a couple of red peppers and cucumbers and they are always fresh.  The lettuce is always in good condition and well priced.  The fruit is great, I always buy red and green grapes for the kids  and usually I can find some well priced red juicy strawberries.  Sometimes I will buy a few avocados to make guacamole for taco Tuesdays at our house, and they are always ripe and in good condition.

My next stop is the deli section to buy lunch meat for sandwiches .  They always have a great selection of quality cold cuts.  They will slice them however you want and will even let you try a slice if you are not sure if you will like it.   I usually get there naturals turkey breast with no preservatives and some Genoa salami and every once in a while I will get some mortadella for the kids lunches as well.  They also have a great cheese selection.  I often enjoy getting some goats cheese to work into a salad or even put a little on a roasted vegetable pizza.

The meat isle is not too far away and usually my next stop.  They have a great meat selection with high quality meats.  I will often get ground beef for tacos and homemade hamburgers and sometimes  I will pick up a rack or two of baby back ribs to  smoked on the BBQ.  My family loves bacon so  I often grab some apple wood smoked bacon and usually a pack of hotdogs which is a staple in my house for the kids.

I also really like their baked goods section.  I often buy fresh sandwich rolls for lunches .  They also have a great selection of breads and pastries.  I must admit I almost always buy a Greek raspberry Danish for myself and it rarely makes it up to the check out isle.  The sales clerk always shares a laugh with me when I tell her I grabbed a Danish but it didn’t quite make it because  I got  hungry.

They also have a Joe Fresh clothing section which is really convenient.  Most shops I  will end up picking something up for the kids.    I usually  buy kids sun glasses almost every spring as they never seem to last a season without my kids losing them.  I often buy bathing suits and sun hats here as well.    I can always find well priced good quality socks and underwear for the children too.  Wow, I didn’t realize how much Joe Fresh clothing I end up getting for the kids and it is so convenient to be able to get these items while doing groceries and eliminating an additional trip to the mall.

Overall,  the Brantford Zehrs on KingGeorge road is great grocery store and I highly recommend it.

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