The Works - The best burger joint in brantford, ON

If you are looking for a great burger restaurant in Brantford, look no further I can tell you where to go.  The Works located in downtown Brantford is an awesome burger joint.  It has now become the place I take my family when we don’t feel like cooking and could use a great night out.  The staff is very friendly and the food is amazing.

I have young children and they love it here.  When we arrive they have a place mat filled with activities and crayons waiting on the table for  them.  The food usually arrives before the kids finish their place mat activities which is awesome so they are not restless before the food comes.  The place mat has an awesome word search with words related to diner like burger, fries,  and milkshake.  There is also a maze and a connect the numbers picture to color.  They also have about four tit tac toe squares  which is perfect because my kids and I always play tic tac toe.   We always have fun waiting for our food.

As I mentioned, the food is great.  They have a great kids menu with burgers, chicken fingers and French fries. The burgers and fabulous and they have great fries.  There are probably about twenty different hamburgers to choose from which are all cleverly named with great artisan gourmet toppings.  The first burger I ever had at the works was so good that I have gotten the same one every time I go back.  It is called the barking cow, it is an all beef patty topped with slices of smoked brisket, bacon and caramelized onions, it is so delicious.   Every order comes in a cool stainless steel box/tray lines with paper so everybody has their own, they are kind of neat and the kids love them.

I almost forgot to mention the drinks, I have never been served a drink in a big glass measuring cup before.  These are huge and the kids certainly get a kick out of them.  I usually get the home made lemonade and it is deliciously refreshing.  They also serve milkshakes that look absolutely amazing although we have yet to try them.  The burger is so filling that  I would never have room for the milkshake .  They have some pretty cool milkshake flavors, the one that always gets my attention is s’mores flavored.

They also have some pretty awesome appetizers.  The most popular is the onion ring tower which is absolutely delicious, the problem is if we start off with this tower of goodness we are too full to finish our burgers.  I also forgot to mention that they list on the menu which craft beers go best with each burger.  There are some uniquely named craft beers that I have never heard of but they always pain great with these awesome burgers.

We really like it here and it is pretty much a unanimous decision to come here any time we are in the mood for a great burger. If you are looking for great chiropractic care.